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Electricity-controlled permanent magnetic chucks
Date:2014-05-13 14:41

Advantages of quick die change of injection machines by use of electricity-controlled permanent magnetic chucks:

1. Strong applicability

Dies of various shapes and sizes can be clamped on the die plate of magnetic chucks. Use of quick die change through electricity-controlled permanent magnetic chucks makes the whole injection machine free from the limitation of traditional clamps to expand application scope and improve the usability of injection machines to some extent. Die change may be conducted for different dies on a injection machine. This is especially suitable for various products, small batch and just-in-time production mode.


2. Quicker and greater return of investment

With use of electricity-controlled permanent magnetic die change system, smaller injection machines may use bigger and more complicated dies at higher production speed to realize a small amout of front-end investment, less operating cost to achieve quicker and more investment income.


3. Quick installation

Use bolts to fix magnetic chucks in threaded hole or T-shape slot on the back plate of injection machines. This can install the electricity-controlled permanent magnetic chucks die change system on injection machines quickly and easily.

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